Podcasts to learn French

During my French lessons in Paris and online, I often get these two special requests from my students :

To complement our Private French classes I therefore recommend reading in French and listening to podcasts. Thanks to these audio resources, you can listen to French natives. You will be able to improve your listening skills on your way to work, while running or even cleaning !

Books with headset

Why listening to French Podcasts ?

Sure, you won’t have the real structure and a tailored program that we have in one-on-one classes. No one can replace a private teacher accompanying in your progress and providing guidance while you speak or read. With podcasts, you’ll have to find your way through hundreds, sometimes thousands of free materials.

Fitting your busy schedule

You can listen to podcasts while cooking, jogging, driving, commuting and many daily activities that don’t require mental effort. Most people spend one to two hours daily to go to work. Therefore, listening to French podcasts will make this time more enjoyable.

You can benefit from podcasts anytime and anywhere, like apps to practice French. You can also download them for offline listening.

Staying updated with trends

The podcast isn’t only entertaining content, but also educational. They offer unlimited opportunities. If you are into cooking or travelling for example, you will discover trendy recipes and places to try.

Being entertained while learning

Finally, you can discover many podcast episodes that can help you escape your daily routine. You can listen to French news, politics, comedians, and celebrities instead of listening to your playlist over and over again. You can get specific vocabulary in French in an interesting field to you.

The best podcasts for French learners

Advanced French students

La France Baladeuse is a podcast that takes you on a trip to France.

Each month, thanks to Paul Engel you will explore our beautiful regions : Alsace, Normandie or Charente-Maritime to name a few.

Feel the sounds of the city and capture the thrill of the countryside. What I love about these podcast series is that you get to hear the voices of those who live there. In an immersive and original format, embark on new adventures in France from your couch !

logo podcast la france baladeuse

If you like Asia as much as I do then the French podcast “Sur les routes de l’Asie” is a must.

From Vietnam to Myanmar, discover Asia through the sound of an expat (Romain Lazzarotto) in love with this continent. In each episode with his guests, they go off the beaten track to meet unusual people. They really bring a new perspective to the more touristic places. These colourful trips will allow you to plan your own trips thanks to the 60 episodes available (over 40 hours).

french podcast sur les routes de l'asie

From Monday to Friday, RFI provides international news from their reporters and special correspondents from all the over the world. The best for the French learning experience is that you get the transcript of the podcast (or the beginning if it’s too long). This is a great way to improve your vocabulary !

grand reportage RFI logo

Arte (the European  Culture TV Channel) also offers podcasts with true or intimate stories, strong documentaries and unforgettable encounters. Every first Wednesday of the month, ‘A podcast of your own’ combines intimacy, expertise, and reflections. It addresses issues of gender, feminism and equality between women and men

podcast in french with arte

Edouard Baer is a French actor (with over 60 movies), screenwriter and radio personality in Les Lumières dans la nuit. With his deceptively naive air and cynical sense of humour, Edouard Baer has a very singular view of life.  Some find him a bit silly but he’s quick on his feet. You’ll hopefully enjoy his sense of formula, quick wit and charm.

lumiere dans la nuit logo podcast

You may need to be more advanced to understand the podcast Par Jupiter as Charline Vanhoenacker et Alex Vizorek speak quite fast. There are jokes every 10 seconds ! The program wants to “wash away information” and its common thread is the treatment of current affairs, with a desire for impertinence.

par jupiter logo french

Intermediate French learners

In News in Slow French, two hosts discuss the week’s top stories in France and around the world. You also get grammar, pronunciation and idioms specific podcasts (articles, pronouns, past and future tenses,…).

What I like about this podcast is that the news are grouped by level (intermediate or advanced). This is also a great way to increase your vocabulary on current topics (politics, art and culture, science,..)

news in slow french logo

The weekly podcast Salut l’info may be for the French children aged 7-11. I find it quite fun and entertaining however for my adult students too.
Every Friday you get serious or more surprising news. Topics of conversation are varied, such as the climate change, Charles de Gaulle and the US election.

salut linfo logo french podcast

Another lovely podcast for kids that I recommend for my Intermediate French students is Les Odyssees. It invites children from 7 to 12 years old to immerse themselves in the adventures of the great figures of history. Through the 40 episodes, you will be able to experience the discovery of the United States, the French revolution, the fall of the last Chinese emperor, or the kings in Egypt.

les odysses logo french podcast

Improve your understanding of spoken French and learn useful vocabulary with the podcast Inner French Podcast. Over 80 podcasts are currently available, 100% in French and with free transcripts.

inner french podcast

Great French podcasts, beginner level

With the free version of Coffee Break French you can access great basics for beginner French learners (ask how people are feeling, know what to respond,…)

There’s also a premium version of Coffee Break French and an Academy, who provide additional materials. These are perfect to help you move forward more effectively with your French studies. These podcasts are very well structured, available in 4 levels and represented by a season (each season features 40 lessons).

coffee break french podcast

You can actually choose your level, from beginner (A0-1) to the advanced French language speaker (C1-C2) in French Pod 101. Each lesson offers a mix of dialogues, cultural insights and information about travelling through or living in France. You will get a lots of scenes of everyday French life that are voiced by native French speakers.

learn french free

If you are looking for short podcasts (3 to 4 minutes), Daily French Pod are perfect ! These podcasts are to the point. There’s a wide range of topics that you’ll learn a lot of new vocabulary, however I don’t find it very well structured.

daily french pod

Here is my selection of the best podcasts. Feel free to let me know what you think ! You can also send me your suggestions or questions using the form on the contact page. 

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