Intensive French Lessons in Paris

Why choose Intensive French courses ?

My Intensive French courses are recommended for adults who need to :

  • quickly boost their confidence
  • improve their level of French for professional purposes
  • prepare for an exam

If you’d like to progress in a limited amount time, then this French program is perfect for you. You will gain effective communication skills in French and rapidly deepen understanding of the French culture.

Intensive French courses are ideal for :

  • beginner students who wants to rapidly develop their skills
  • intermediate learners who already have some knowledge of French
  • advanced students who would like to use the language the way native French speakers do
french woman in a classroom

Intensive French courses - beginners

beginner student french

You will rapidly learn how to :

  • Introduce yourself and others
  • Greet people
  • Ask the date and time
  • Order meal and purchases
  • Talk about yourself (job, city, languages)
  • Find your way
  • Give details about your hobbies
  • Understand simple questions

Intensive French classes - intermediate

intermediate french student

You will be able to :

  • Give your opinion
  • Express your feelings
  • Help someone
  • Talk about a famous person
  • Discuss personal issues
  • Understand written documents
  • Formulate hypotheses and conditions

Intensive French lessons - advanced

intensive french classes advanced

You will become confident with :

  • Talking about current affairs, art, culture, medias and social events
  • Expressing opinions and using debating techniques
  • Making oral presentations
  • Use of indicative and subjunctive modes
  • Advanced use of the past tenses
  • Idioms, expressions and proverbial expressions

Start date

Monday to Sunday

Course duration

1 to 12 Weeks

Hours per day

2 to 4 Hours / day

Hours per week

10 to 20 Hours / week

Effective French Classes

Starting Intensive French Classes will enable you to go quickly from one level to another. I organize a short TCF (Test Connaissances en Français) during our first class to evaluate your current French level in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CECRL) :

A0: Complete Beginner
A1: Beginner
A2: Elementary
B1: Intermediate
B2: Upper Intermediate
C1/C2: Advanced/Mastery

If you are unsure about your level, feel free to check my Contact me. Then we will work together with an appropriate program and I’ll be able to provide you with adapted homework.

intensive french class

Intensive French Classes with Agnes

As a native French tutor with over 10 years of experience, I will help you to optimize your learning process and will choose a tailored linguistic approach accordingly. I’m very professional and very serious, dedicated to your learning.

I have been offering face-to-face and online courses for several years. My satisfaction rate is excellent and the progress of my students is exceptional ! My secrets are : one-on-one classes and a learning method that suits you. Study, but also culture and conviviality are important to me. The intensive courses that I organize are a mixture of seriousness and conviviality designed for the students to have a good time while making progress.

The benefits of Intensive French classes

You don’t have time to forget your French lessons

I regularly get requests from students who studied French quite some time ago. They took a few classes and studied hard. But, because they haven’t practiced in a while, they have forgotten pretty much everything. Things can become a bit fuzzy when you return to class after all those weeks/months away from your French classroom.

However, when you go to intensive French classes three to five days a week, your brain doesn’t have time to lose all that new information.

You fit your French study into your schedule

For various reasons, you may not have a lot of time to take French classes regularly all year. Everyone’s situation is different :

  • you already have a full-time job and can only take one or two weeks off work every year
  • you are a busy parent
  • you are in college or university and want to study French more seriously.

Well, we will work together around your schedule. You can change your agenda from one week to another, courses are flexible. You can study French intensively for one week, one month or three months.

You advance faster

This is the main benefit of immersive French lessons. If you study French multiple hours per day, several days a week, you move through resources much faster than when you study just an hour here and there.

The more material we cover, the sooner you move up to the next level. We use efficiently this time to practice with real life situations, role plays, activities in French and regularly review the past lessons.

You get immersive French classes

Intensive courses in France are more than just time with your French teacher. You can spend your spare time with French people. You can go to local shops and restaurants, stay with a host family, visit museums and/or see French films. Of course, online intensive classes are also organized. In this case, your private tutor will provide you with additional free resources (French podcasts, movies, books, ..). My blog will also give you a lot of useful tips and materials for your progress.

You will get an immersion in the local culture with organized cultural classes.

Intensive French lessons to reach your goals

Intensive French courses for all levels

Regardless of your goals or time constraints, you’re sure to find the best option that works for you and reach your goal !

The French Intensive course focuses on oral skills.


  • (Re)discover the pleasure of communicating in French with truly useful vocabulary
  • Understand simple French we use in daily life and everyday situations
  • Reach the equivalent of A1 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)


  •  Further your existing language skills
  • Achieve the equivalent of B1 or B2 level


  • Refine your existing language skills by accessing social and cultural resources
  • Understand a range of spoken and written documents in various styles
  • Achieve the equivalent of the C1 or C2 level