Intensive French Lessons in Paris

Why choose Intensive French courses ?

My Intensive French courses are recommended for adults who need to :

  • quickly boost their confidence
  • improve their level of French for professional purposes
  • prepare for an exam

If you’d like to progress in a limited amount time, then this French program is perfect for you. You will gain effective communication skills in French and rapidly deepen understanding of the French culture.

  • Start of course: everyday you like
  • Course duration: from 1 to 8 weeks
  • Required French level: minimum A1
  • Hours of classes per day: 2 hours per day for semi-intensive to 4 hours per day for intensive
  • Hours  per week: 10 hours per week for semi-intensive and 20 hours per week for intensive
french woman in a classroom

Intensive French program is ideal for :

  • beginner students who wants to rapidly develop their skills. to function in a French-speaking environment
  • intermediate students who already have some knowledge of French
  • students who would like to move towards using the language the way native French speakers do

Intensive French Classes

Starting Intensive French Classes will enable you to go quickly from one level to another. I organize a short TCF (Test Connaissances en Français) during our first class to evaluate your current French level in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CECRL) :

A1.0: Complete Beginner
A1: Beginner
A2: Elementary
B1: Intermediate
B2: Upper Intermediate
C1/C2: Advanced/Mastery

If you are unsure about your level, feel free to check my Contact me. Then we will work together with an appropriate program and I’ll be able to provide you with adapted homework.

intensive french class

As a native French tutor with over 10 years of experience, I will help you to optimize your learning process and will choose a tailored linguistic approach accordingly.