Intensive French Lessons online or in Paris

Intensive French courses are available virtually or in person. These programs offer effective communication skills in French and a deeper understanding of the French culture. As a result, intensive French courses are an excellent option for accelerated language learning !

Why opt for Intensive French courses ?

Intensive French lessons are the perfect option to develop your French skills quickly. These are designed for :

  • beginner students who want to rapidly develop their skills ;
  • intermediate learners who already have some knowledge of French ;
  • advanced students who would like to use the language like native French speakers.

By immersing yourself in the language you can :

  • quickly boost your confidence in French ;
  • also improve your level of French for professional purposes ;
  • prepare for a French exam.

Intensive French courses with your private tutor

I offer intensive French courses tailored to your needs and learning style. With over 10 years of experience as a native French tutor, I have developed a learning method that guarantees exceptional progress and high satisfaction rates among my students.

My intensive courses online are a mix of seriousness and conviviality, designed to help you make progress while enjoying the learning process. You can really benefit from personalized attention and guidance. In addition to language instruction, I also emphasize culture and conviviality, as I believe these are important components of language learning. My students not only make significant progress but also gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of French culture.

intensive french classes

Program of Intensive French courses adapted to your level

intensive french classes beginner

Immersive French courses for beginners

  • Firstly, introduce yourself and others
  • Greet people
  • Ask the date and time
  • Order meal and purchases
  • Talk about yourself
  • Find your way
  • Give details about your hobbies
  • Understand simple questions
intermediate intensive french classes

Intensive French classes - intermediate level

  • Give your opinion
  • Express your feelings
  • Help someone
  • Talk about a famous person
  • Discuss personal issues
  • Understand written documents
  • Formulate hypotheses and conditions
intensive french classes advanced

Comprehensive French lessons - advanced

  • Talking about current affairs, art, culture, medias and social events
  • Expressing opinions
  • Making oral presentations
  • Use of indicative and subjunctive modes
  • Advanced use of the past tenses
  • Idioms and expressions

What are the benefits of Intensive French classes ?

You don’t have time to forget your French lessons

Intensive French classes have above all many benefits, including the ability to retain language skills. You may have studied French a while ago and have forgotten pretty much everything. When you take immersive French lessons several days a week, your brain doesn’t have time to forget all the new information. This helps you retain your French language skills and move up to the next level faster. My French courses are flexible, so you can study intensively for one week, three months or years !

It's easy to fit your French study into your schedule

Then, my effective classes also help you advance faster in French. By practicing with real-life situations, role plays, and activities in French, you will move through resources much faster than when you study occasionally. We regularly review past lessons to ensure that you are retaining the information and advancing at a steady pace.

You advance faster in French thanks to effective classes

Finally, starting intensive French classes with me will enable you to quickly move from one level to another. I organize a short TCF (Test Connaissances en Français) during our first class to evaluate your current French level in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CECRL). This helps me tailor our classes to your specific needs, ensuring that you get the most out of your French language learning experience :

A0: Complete Beginner
A1: Beginner
A2: Elementary
B1: Intermediate
B2: Upper Intermediate
C1/C2: Advanced/Mastery