Online French Lessons

Online French lessons with Zoom, Skype or Ms Teams are as powerful as a in-person classes. These courses are ideal if you have a busy schedule. French programs online are available for all levels and with no minimum time period !

Online French courses for more flexibility

French classes online offer a flexible approach to learning :

  • without leaving your home. The learning curriculum is adapted to your situation.
  • to help you better prepare your trip. You will feel at ease when you arrive in France.
  • to complement the one-on-one sessions you took in France. They enable you to keep on practicing after your stay.

This medium is practical and convenient for our active lives. You can learn and improve your French skills with private lessons in the comfort of your home, your office or anywhere in the world.

The focus of the lesson will be on speaking French to gain confidence and fluidity in our beautiful language.

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An online French tutor adapted to your learning objectives

How to effortlessly learn French online ? Maybe you have always wanted to learn French but never got around to it. Perhaps you used to know French but your vocabulary has faded due to lack of practice. Finally, you may want to pick up a new hobby. If you see yourself in any of these scenarios, contact your online French tutor from the safety of your own home!

My online French classes on Skype, Zoom and Ms Teams are personalized to your learning objectives :

  • moving to a French speaking country
  • looking for a job in France
  • traveling for a few days or weeks
  • preparing to take an exam
  • improving your knowledge as a true francophile !
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What are the advantages of online French classes ?

  • SUPER EFFICIENT : Technology has changed the way we study a new language. You are able to express yourself freely, correctly, and efficiently
  • CONVENIENT : You can study at home, at work and while travelling. You can take a French language course online from the USA, Australia, or anywhere.
  • BUDGET FRIENDLY : There is no registration or administration fee. You pay per hour or per 10-hour packages. And you save the traveling costs.
  • PERSONALIZED : You can ask as many questions as you like. You are the only student in your classroom at home, so you can practice over and over again.
  • TIME SAVING : you don’t waste time on transport. Online classes are less time-consuming, especially with our busy lives.
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How to study French online ?

Each online course is provided by a professional French tutor. The content depends on your level, strengths (and weaknesses) and preferred teaching method. The online French courses are structured and prepared in advance.

  • Classes are all in French (teaching French in French) :
    I will give translation when necessary but all materials (grammar rules, newspaper articles, books), homework, conversation and exercises are only in French
  • Focusing on oral practice :
    French classes emphasise on speaking practice with oral activities and brainstorming. You will be given specific themes or articles to work on.
  • Resources to learn at home :
    If you have enough time after the classes, you can also continue improving your French skills at home. I’m always happy to indicate you tailored resources in French
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Tailored online French classes to speak like a native !

To complete your learning of French and make you discover the specificities of our language and our culture, I organize online French conversation classes. These classes allow you to strengthen and deepen your linguistic knowledge (oral, grammar, vocabulary). If there is a particular field you’d like to discuss, I am always open to new topics !

  • Gastronomy : regional specialties, cheese, wine, French pastries, recipes
  • Fashion : discover the work of famous fashion designers and its specific vocabulary
  • Tradition : discussion on various subjects such as stereotypes, expressions or French traditions
  • Architecture/history : exchanges about monuments, museums and French history
  • Art: we discuss photography, painting, dance, music,..
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Online resources for learning French

Access free French language resources to understand, learn and progress in French thanks to French with Agnes Blog.

These articles, revision materials and educational activities will make your life a bit easier. They can be accessed at anytime to complement your one-on-one classes.

Passionate about teaching, I wanted to compile a comprehensive list of free online resources, separated by subjects and categories (grammar, vocabulary, lifestyle, gastronomy). In addition to private French courses, you could practice French thanks to podcasts, books, movies and apps. The free resources and links provided are updated regularly. You can discover more about the French language and culture !

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