Online French Conversation Lessons

Come and join the French conversation lessons online or in Paris ! Language is not only about grammar and conjugation. It is about connections. The desire to communicate meaningfully is what represents us.

Would you like to cultivate real-life French fluency through emotionally engaging instruction ? Regardless of your goals and levels, your private tutor is here to provide a supportive learning environment. French courses are available from beginner to advanced, for all francophiles !

Flexible French Conversation courses

French Conversation courses are available in Paris or online.

At French with Agnes, we care about the health and safety of our international students. Therefore we adapt our French courses to the situation worldwide. We collaborate in virtual format, with Skype, Zoom or Microsoft Teams. You will only need a computer or tablet and a good internet connection.

Adjusting to a new routine can be challenging but, we will adapt to your own schedule in order to stay productive. You can improve your French conversation skills.

During the class, I answer all your questions either via internet or directly on a Word document. Before the French class, you get all the materials that you can print if you prefer. And after the lesson, I will send you all the notes. So you get exactly the same resources as you would have had during face-to-face French classes.

french conversation online

French Conversation for beginners

French conversation classes offer you the opportunity to better speak and interact in French. The aim is to encourage you to use your speaking skills. We ensure you feel comfortable with oral French in real life situations.

The course is 100% spoken as I will make some notes for you. What you get is :

  • one or two hours of conversation practice
  • a wide range of subjects chosen by you or your native-French speaking teacher
  • correction of mistakes and explanations when necessary
  • vocabulary with useful French expressions

The private French conversation lessons help you learn some basic cultural codes and avoid mistakes in social situations.

french conversation classes

French Conversation for Intermediate & Advanced

If your level is A2+, you might be interested in my intermediate/advanced conversational French lessons.

Our tailored sessions will help you to communicate more fluently in French with your partner, colleagues, or family.

Depending on your professional background and interests, I will select the topics that are the most relevant to you. I will use suitable learning materials.

We will then work together on your understanding, expression and pronunciation skills. And if you wish to practice during your spare time between two classes, I will also be able to provide you with tailored homework.

conversation in french between 5 people

French conversation courses suited to your interests

french shops

Let's go shopping !

If you are at a beginner level, I organize customized French conversation courses to make you feel comfortable when shopping. You will learn essential phrases and expressions for in boutiques and restaurants. We will also work on prononciation. You will then be prepared to enjoy all of the great times that France has to offer !

french news

French news and current affairs

You express yourself in a variety of topics : French medias, politics, current news, France in Europe. The learning activities used in class generate a relaxed, friendly and motivated atmosphere. This enables you to fulfil your potential and increase your confidence. You will develop a fuller appreciation of French lifestyle and culture.

french art

French art and history

Visual arts, history paintings, architecture,.. French traditions in the fine arts are so deep and rich. My specialized French conversation courses will give you the opportunity to get an immersive and experiential education. You can improve your French listening and speaking skills thanks to targeted materials and topics of discussion.

french traditions

Understand French traditions

There are a lot of different groups, celebrations and social etiquettes in France. Certain elements of the French culture are world-famous while others are less well-known. You’ll discover them thanks to your native French tutor. At the end of this course, you will be able to form and express opinions with increased fluency and a wider range of French vocabulary.

Join my French conversation classes today like many happy learners !

French conversation sessions with Agnes enabled me to understand better some of French culture. Each personalised class involves a balanced combination of theory and practice in your preferred style. Do consider spending some time in the company of Agnes if you would like to improve your understanding of French language and culture. Andrew B. from New-Zealand