Improve your French with the latest news

Improving your French skills with the latest news is a perfect addition to your study routine.

You may already learn French online through powerful tailored classes or with resources such as podcasts, apps and series. So why not adding a new practical tool to help your French fluency ?

Table of content :

  • Practical French news vocabulary
  • The best French newspapers
  • Watch French news on TV
  • How to improve your French with the news
improve your french with the news

Practical French news vocabulary

Firstly, to help you better understand the news in French, here is a list of essential words :

1. Newspapers vocabulary in French

  • un abonnement = a subscription
  • un journal = a newspaper
  • un hebdomadaire (un hebdo) = a weekly
  • un mensuel = a monthly
  • un quotidien = a daily
  • un lecteur / une lectrice  = a reader

2. French TV news

  • regarder l’actualité / les informations  = to watch the news
  • un chroniqueur / une chroniqueuse = a columnist
  • un présentateur / une présentatrice = a TV host
  • un invité / une invitée = a guest
  • un entretien = an interview

3. General French vocabulary related to the news

  • à mon avis = in my opinion
  • selon = according to
  • une critique = a review
  • les réseaux sociaux = social networks
French news vocabulary

The best French newspapers

Then, boost your French by reading the news ! Here are some of the best French newspapers and news websites for practicing French at every level. Some have also great French podcasts.

le monde

Le Monde  is one of the most famous French newspapers (probably the equivalent of The New York Times). You could also get the monthly Monde Diplomatique for in-depth analysis of the worldwide news.

figaro french

The oldest national newspaper in France, le Figaro is a highly regarded French source of news. I also recommend checking out the newspaper’s conjugation and grammar section. You will find excellent exercises for intermediate and advanced students.

liberation newspaper

Popularly known as Libé, Libération, is a daily newspaper in France, founded in Paris by Jean-Paul Sartre and Serge July in 1973. You could try the online version for one euro the first month (then 9,90 euros).

les echos

If you are more interested in financial news, you may want to check les Echos. Les Echos has a liberal stance and is published on weekdays.

20 minutes

20 minutes is a daily newspaper for commuters in France. It is free and independent. Information is general and the easiest to understand amongst the selection above.

You could also get :

  • regional newspapers, such as le Parisien, le Progrès de Lyon ou Midi Libre. It will give you a better understanding of the French regions. The full list is available on the French Embassy.
  • We also have a French version of le Huffington Post 

Watch French news on TV

Moreover, for learners who have a visual memory, watching French series, movies and French news is a must ! You will :

  • improve your vocabulary on a variety of topics ;
  • develop your understanding skills ;
  • get an insight on French culture.

If you don’t live in France, you may need to install a VPN to avoid geographical restrictions though.

TV5 monde

TV5 Monde is favorite TV network for news. It broadcasts several channels of French-language programming. You will also get a great section on their website to learn French online.

france 24

You can access the latest news and world news on Business, Sports, Culture from France 24 online on their website. The TV channel is available in French, Spanish and Arabic.


A 24-hour rolling news and weather channel based in France, BFM is available globally via digital, cable and satellite television.

How to improve your French with the news

One of the best ways to learn the French language is by keeping up to date with French news. Here are a few tips to develop your French with the news :

  • First, you could write new vocabulary. To make your learning even more effective you can create flashcards or cheatsheet with this vocabulary for further practice. You get some help with useful apps.
  • Then, choose a resource that match your level and interest. If you are at a beginner level and start with Le Monde Diplomatique, you may be discouraged. However, if it’s too low, you will probably get bored.
  • Regular French practice is key when learning. To become familiar with the language, you need to accumulate vocabulary. You make progress when reading or watching the news regularly. The ideal frequency is on a daily or at least weekly basis. Regular practice and reviewing are among the habits of the most successful language learners.
watch French TV news

Would you like to get more tailored resources in order to progress efficiently in French ? Feel free to contact me today. I’ll reply within 24 hours.

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