How to stay motivated with online French classes ?

For the past two years, online French classes have been (and still are) the preferred learning experience. Online French courses make it easier for busy working adults and non-traditional students to complete their learning. There is no travelling to meet your tutor, notes are recorded and pants are sometimes optional !

Yet how do you stay motivated in online French classes? When you’re studying from home where other distractions surround you, what can you do to keep up the hard work? If you prepare well, it can be easier than you expect. These 7 tips should help you build motivation so that you can succeed online :

    1. Set achievable objectives
    2. Brainstorm the ways you can reach the end result
    3. Create a schedule
    4. Use visual tools
    5. Reward yourself
    6. Seek balance
    7. Connect with others
motivation online french lessons

Set achievable objectives

First of all, setting up achievable objectives is key to your success ! We saw previously the best strategies to learn French online, including how to set up your personal goals.

Set small, attainable goals for each class to avoid getting discouraged and overwhelmed such as :

  • I want to understand the differences between Futur proche and Futur simple
  • I need to pass the DELF exam
  • I’d like to be able to use correctly the Subjonctive in everyday life

Brainstorm different ways you can reach the end result

Keep track of your goals by writing them on sticky notes and placing them around your home. Alternatively, you could create a spreadsheet to track your progress.

Re-evaluate your goals each week or month to fit your schedule. If you have upcoming holidays, take them into consideration and allow yourself some downtime. And remember, small successes will help lead to your ultimate goal ! Don’t be too hard on yourself : Rome wasn’t built in a day.

goals online french classes

Create a schedule

Once you are clear on your goals, then you should create a schedule. One of the easiest ways to get off track is to try to guess when you’ll have time to study. Of course, a benefit of online tuition is the ability to be flexible. So be willing to adjust the schedule if need be.

However, you need to plan specific times each day or each week to take care of your French learning. Having a set schedule will allow you to find yourself more motivated to get the work done.

Use visual tools

When planning your schedule, make it visual if you can. Great tools are available now to create brilliant schedule such as Canva, Crello or even Adobe. When you get your syllabus, write out your deadlines and projects on a calendar that you can see at a glance.

If it works better for you, use a calendar that will send alerts to your email or your phone. This way, you can stay on top of your coursework.

Developing a schedule will enable you to enjoy the things you like to do. This will help you work ahead and find yourself with some extra free time. Having a plan will increase your likelihood of success and will help you reach your goals !

happy students online french classes

Reward yourself

Next, rewarding yourself in simple ways for small accomplishments can go a long way. Everyone deserves a pat on the back every now and again. As you complete your coursework, take time to recognize your achievements, whether you’ve finished a grammar chapter or totally rocked an exam. Revealing in your accomplishments and taking breaks will help you keep a positive attitude and stay motivated.

If you’re worried about becoming dependent on the rewards, don’t be ! Over time, your motivation will become intrinsic, and your brain will associate your hard work with a surge of dopamine. An afternoon spent baking delicious pastries, watching a great movie, or a night out with friends can all be very motivating.

By knowing that reward is coming, you will find yourself with increased motivation.

goals online french classes

Seek balance

To stay motivated and avoid this real risk, you must strive to keep a balance between your personal and professional life. This isn’t always easy to do, especially when lessons takes place at home.

All the above tips will help with this balance. Remember to give yourself permission to relax and spend time with friends or family to avoid burn-out. In short, take some breaks !

It can also do much to improve your motivation. An afternoon or a day off to do something you enjoy can refresh your energy. You will then be ready to tackle the work again the next day. Taking breaks can actually make you work more productively after the break. This is a wise move that I encourage all my students to do.

motivation to learn french online
Connect with others

Finally, when you take online French classes, you won’t see your classmates or private tutor face-to-face. To avoid feeling isolated, make it a habit to interact with other French students or French speakers through forums, by phone or in-person.

Doing so will help keep your spirits high and make connections to what you’re learning. Sharing your knowledge with others can also help you develop a sense of pride and accomplishment. You can join groups of like-minded people on Facebook or Meet-up.

stay connected online french classes

If you’d like to get more tips on how to succeed with your online French learning, kindly send me an inquiry via email or using my contact form. Like many other previous French students, I’d love to help you reach your linguistic goals.

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