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Agnes offers a large selection of fully-immersive private French courses for all levels from complete beginner to expert ! Savvy French classes are personalized and available online or in-person.

Join me for private or small group French lessons, all led by an enthusiastic native-speaking French tutor. Virtual French lessons are organized with Skype, Zoom or Ms Teams, 7 days a week. You’ll come for a one-hour class and stay for so much more ! Find the session that is best suited to your linguistic level and goals. Follow my teaching methodology for a seamless progression through :

  • the essential points of grammar
  • effective vocabulary useful for you
  • functional tips for a lasting progress

French with Agnes is open to everyone, everyday ! Contact me no matter where you are located.

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Why learning French with a private tutor ?

Speak French like a local
  • CONVENIENT : you can register when you like, with no administration fees. Try a first lesson at the regular price with no obligation.
  • EFFICIENT : the lessons are adapted to your level, preferred teaching style and personal interests.
  • FLEXIBLE : you can learn online, from home, work or anywhere in the world.
  • INTERACTIVE : The focus is on conversation and informal interactions. Practical exercices are used throughout the classes.
  • NATIVE : classes are in French, with a French native qualified teacher. You learn French the way it is commonly spoken in modern France.
  • QUICK : you progress up to 4 times quicker with private classes than in a group. You can ask as many questions as you need.
tailored french lessons

French lessons to progress quickly

French classes adapted to your goals and current level

Online French Courses

Online French courses are available with Zoom or Skype to help you prepare your trip to France. Virtual lessons will fit your busy agenda, in the comfort of your home, office or hotel if you travel often.

French Conversation

From day one, the aim of my French Conversation Lessons is to encourage you to use your speaking skills. Bespoke sessions will make you feel comfortable with oral French in everyday situations.

French for Professionals

Business French classes are for professionals who need to communicate more fluently with their French clients and colleagues. We can also help you prepare a French job interview or a specific exam.

Intensive French Lessons

Intensive French Lessons are perfect to quickly and reliably develop your communication skills. You will improve your confidence thanks to various programs available 5 to 7 days a week

Preparation for French exams

The French exam preparation courses covers all sections of your DELF/DALF and other specific test. These classes help you with adaptive exercises, grammar reminders and mock exams.


    Private French classes in Paris and online tutoring

    Contact me today via the form below or by email : bonjour(at)

    Experience my successful teaching method when you want, it’s never too late ! Make sure it’s the right fit before committing to your long term goal.

    How it works :

    • Send me your preferred days, times and current level
    • I’ll email you with scheduling options for your first class within 2 business days
    • We can also plan a free 15-minute call should you have further questions and needs
    • Book one class or a package of ten (with one free class)
    • We meet and voilà !

    How are my French courses online and in Paris ?

    Testimonials from my students

    Agnes helped me basically go from zero to feeling comfortable with timely pronunciation, grammatical and cultural context. Edward H

    Caroline Ong
    Caroline Ong
    Agnes has the patience of a saint. She has a very good handle of the difficulties adults face learning French from afresh. She's very professional and knows her stuff. I would recommend her.
    Birgit Süßmilch
    Birgit Süßmilch
    Agnes' online Französischkurs ist fantastisch! Ihre Methode, die Grammatik einfach zu erklären, hat mir sehr geholfen und ich konnte schnell Fortschritte in meinem Französisch machen. Agnes ist eine engagierte und hilfsbereite Lehrerin, die immer Zeit hat, um Fragen zu beantworten und außerhalb des Unterrichts zu helfen. Ihr Kurs ist sehr gut strukturiert und organisiert, mit klaren Zielen in jeder Lektion, die es mir leicht gemacht haben, meine Fortschritte zu verfolgen. Ich würde Agnes Unterrichtsmethode jedem empfehlen, der Französisch lernen möchte und bin sehr dankbar für die wertvollen Lektionen, die ich bei Agnes gelernt habe.
    Tom Clark
    Tom Clark
    I have taken multiple courses with Agnes now and my partner (who is French) has been really happy with my progression! Starting from a place where I had many gaps in my grammar and vocabulary and not much confidence in speaking, I have now passed the DELF A2 and am currently working toward B1. She is extremely patient when I get things wrong and adapts the lessons to the various areas I may want to concentrate on. I plan to continue with her and would definitely recommend!
    Aleksandra Dwornicka
    Aleksandra Dwornicka
    Agnes was the most awesome and patient teacher I have ever met, surviving with me and making me pass my Master in Cellular Biology and teaching me french biological vocabulary! Highly recommend!l;))
    Lauren Aiello
    Lauren Aiello
    I’ve been having lessons with Agnes for about 6 months and as an American living in Paris (with basic conversational skills) she’s really helped my understanding of the language. The curriculum is exactly what I needed. She’s very kind and works at my pace, reviewing anything I may need until I feel comfortable and ready to progress. I highly recommend working with Agnes, no matter what stage you’re at in your French practice!
    Ed H
    Ed H
    Really enjoyed and very grateful for French lessons with Agnes. I studied with Agnes for ~2 months and she helped me basically go from zero to feeling comfortable with some originally daunting tasks (e.g. ordering from restaurants / cafes, asking questions in shops). I appreciate how  Agnes was open to tailoring our learning plan to my goals, but also had a very organized and thoughtful system for expanding my grammatical sense and vocabulary. She also had great balance between patiently allowing me to learn by experimenting but also interjecting with timely pronunciation / grammatical / cultural context. And she was very easy to schedule lessons with. She has a busy schedule, but she was very reliable and responsive in helping setting up a lesson schedule. Also, I did all my lessons on video and her approach there is wonderful as well. Agnes is a nice person and a great teacher, so highly recommend.
    Samraj Bhullar
    Samraj Bhullar
    Agnes really helped build my confidence in French and I felt more and more comfortable speaking and holding longer discussions. Agnes gave corrections promptly and taught me new vocabulary and ways of expressing myself. I was able to see common problem areas and where I needed to improve with her help. Thank you Agnes!
    Gillian Bogden
    Gillian Bogden
    I took a few sessions with Agnes while in Paris on a weeks vacation - they were excellent. Definitely a highlight, and kickstarted me for the day as my goal was to only speak french while I was there. Agnes has an amazing ability to make you feel comfortable, regardless of your level. And her resources are fantastic. Not only did I learn a lot, both grammatically and speaking, I also learned about life in Paris which was an added bonus. I highly recommend French with Agnes :). I hope to continue them even though I am back home in Canada.
    Scott Hallabrin
    Scott Hallabrin
    Agnes is a great teacher of French! She is organized, patient, and focuses on the goals you have - in my case, preparing for the French B.1 exam. She sends you feedback after each lesson along with homework assignments to address areas that need work. I highly recommend Agnes to anyone who is trying to learn French.
    Lori Parish
    Lori Parish
    I was fortunate to have found Agnes while searching for an online French tutor. She is always prompt, prepared, and generous with her time. I have taken many different French courses over the last decade but can honestly say that the 20 lessons with Agnes have been the most informative. I hope to take several more with her so as to eventually pass the DELF. Thanks so much, Agnes.

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