Online French Lessons via Skype

Online French classes with an experienced tutor

Why Studying French online with Skype ?

As powerful as a one-on-one lesson, Skype is ideal if you do not live in France or if a private face-to-face lesson is not possible due to a busy schedule.

If you work from home or would like to better prepare your trip to France, Skype lessons is the best option. Skype lessons can also complement the one-on-one sessions we have had and enable you to keep on practicing after your stay in France.

This medium is practical and convenient in our active life.

You can learn and improve your French skills as much as with one-on-one lessons in the comfort of your home, your office or your hotel, anywhere in the world. Skype lessons are available for all levels and for a minimum of 2 hours

online french class in office

What are the advantages of French classes with Skype ?

Flexibility : you can study at home, at work or while travelling.
Convenience : You can sign up from your own country
Effectiveness : you can better prepare your trip to France or continue the French classes you took in Paris or Cannes
More time to practice : you don’t waste time on transport
Personalized classes : one-on-one French classes and you can ask as many questions as you like
Targeted materials : you get all the materials needed after the online class and can review it at your own pace

online student in french with skype

The focus of the lesson will be on speaking French to gain confidence and fluidity in our beautiful language.

Whether you’re moving to a French speaking country, looking for a job, traveling or preparing to take an exam, my online French classes on Skype are customized to your learning objectives!

Online French classes are available all year round,  Monday to Friday from 7am to 8pm and Saturday and Sunday 8am to 6pm Central European Time.