Testimonials about my French courses in Paris, Cannes and with Skype

Agnes is lovely. She is very patient and friendly. Most importantly she doesn’t pressurise or stress you out. The environment is very relaxed and great for learning. I booked 8 sessions to improve my basic french and confidence speaking. My partner (who is french) is very impressed with my progress and I can definitely see/hear the improvement. I highly recommend seeing Agnes no matter what your level is.”

Pam C. from India

I had the pleasure of spending five afternoons with Agnes improving my French during my vacation to Paris. It was a very enjoyable experience which helped me progress with my grammar and pronunciation. Agnes was very well organized and planned the lesson in advance so we used our time efficiently. She was able to focus on the areas where I personally needed assistance. She offered homework if interested as well and patiently corrected my work each day. I’ve studied in a variety of environments including classroom, immersion in the South of France, and with other instructors 1:1. She is the best. Highly recommend this experience for anyone learning French. Merci Agnes!

Lauri D. from New York, United States

I have just enjoyed five two-hour French sessions with Agnès. These were the most pleasant, relaxed, enjoyable and helpful French lessons I’ve had to date. She pitched the sessions perfectly for my level, choosing very interesting topics to discuss, and making me want to try to express my opinions in French. She was very patient when I struggled to find the right word, and would wait to see if I could find it for myself. She kindly and quietly corrected me when needed. Agnès is also a very interesting person to spend time with, having travelled a lot herself. I live in Australia, so It helped that she had spent a number of years living there herself. I have no hesitation in recommending Agnès as a teacher.

Jillian G. from Melbourne, Australia

“Thank you for the two weeks of tutoring which you provided over the past two weeks to me while I was in Paris.

These “almost daily” two hour sessions were, by far, the most productive French classes which I have had during my past few trips two Paris and provided a huge boost for me in my ongoing efforts to master spoken and written French. It was clear to me that you worked very hard before each session in order to customize each upcoming class to my progress and my needs.

During each session I was impressed by your thoughtfulness in customizing the new lesson based on the progress and the challenges which we’d we experienced in the previous lesson. During each session you were completely organized with such a clear and customized lesson plan so that I made substantial progress every day. Your encouragement regarding the challenges and frustrations I was experiencing, particularly with speaking and listening, assisted me in my efforts moving forward. As I said, I have made more progress with you in the past two weeks than I had made in the preceding several months in a variety of other instructional situations. When I return to Paris in a month, your classes will be an integral part of my itinerary.”

Kenneth A. from the San Francisco, United States

“Agnes is amazing! She created such personalized content and made it easy to feel comfortable and confident speaking French with her. The highlight of my trip to Paris was the 5 hours I spent over 2 days with Agnes working on improving my French over coffee. Thank you Agnes and I look forward to more lessons the next time I am in Paris! Merci beaucoup!”

Brian S. from Canada

Agnes was a wonderful French teacher and she is a delightful person. I took 6 hours of private lessons with her during a recent stay in Paris, and it was so worthwhile! She teaches creatively, and with much kindness and patience, but always challenging. I plan to arrange further lessons the next time I am in Paris. I had fun exploring her charming neighbourhood after my lessons, and her apartment was very easy to find. Merci beaucoup Agnes! A bientot!”

Julia C. from Ontario, Canada

Agnes is an excellent teacher: professional and empathetic. Her sessions are carefully designed to provide the necessary support that you require to improve your ability to communicate in the French language and understand some of French culture. Each personalised class involves a balanced combination of theory and practice in your preferred style. Do consider spending some time in the company of Agnes if you would like to improve your understanding of French language and culture.”

Andrew B. from New-Zealand

I took five days of French lessons from Agnes in June 2019. I had a wonderful experience. She has taught French for many years abroad and she speaks clearly. She has an organized way of teaching and she has many exercises to structure the lessons. She corrected my speaking in a gentle way and encouraged me to speak French. She is able to adjust the sessions depending on the student’s needs. In addition, she has a very nice personality and her apartment is in a safe neighbourhood with a lot of shops. I would recommend Agnes to anyone who wants to make progress in French with private lessons….  Thank you again for everything”

Cagdas A. from Turkey

“I very much enjoyed my sessions with Agnès. She tailored our meetings to include an appropriate mixture of written, spoken and grammatical French.  I also benefitted from our extemporaneous conversations which would arise as a result of the topics we were covering.  She was very patient with my efforts at this time and we had some thoughtful as well as humorous exchanges.  Agnès always welcomed and encouraged my efforts to relate my wonderful experiences in Paris.  Merci beaucoup Agnès et à bientôt.”

Avril L. from Canada

” I have taken French before, but my daughter has no experience with French and we both wanted to have a lesson for help in navigating our trip and in restaurants. Agnes created a perfectly balanced session for us and it was a highlight of our trip! She is very thorough, patient, experienced, and easy to work with! I can’t say enough about how helpful and beneficial this time with her was! Highly recommend.

Heather C. from the United States

” I had been in France for 3 years when I started my French classes with Agnes, whilst I had the basic language skills to get by I had plateaued and I was still struggling with the more technical / grammatical elements of the language. Over a 5 week period we covered a number of topics, the class was a good mix of teaching, written & oral and I came away feeling more confident with a much better understanding of the grammatical elements. 

When it came to planning our sessions, communication was easy and the response was always rapid, we scheduled out the 5 weeks in advance. I found the lessons notes really useful and I now have a binder that I bring to work to help me incorporate my learnings into everyday life.

I intend to practice what I have learned so far and I would certainly use Agnes again if I find myself struggling to progress”

Kate A. from the United Kingdom

My husband and I have been going to French classes over the years and obtained a good level, but were feeling ‘rusty’ and needed practice to regain confidence. As we were going to spend a week holiday in Paris (we live in Scotland), we decided to check whether we could have conversation classes in the morning. I had initially found a different French teacher through the Internet, who turned out to be busy, but luckily she recommended Agnes.

I found Agnes highly professional and experienced. She knew we only wanted conversation classes, so she applied the appropriate test to ascertain our level, and from there she gave us very interesting exercises that kept us talking and talking in French, correcting us as necessary and explaining different points. My objective was to regain fluency and my husband’s was to become less hesitant, and these objectives have been fully met. In summary, I highly recommend Agnes.

Paulo N de M. from Brazil

After completing a month of lessons at the Sorbonne, I was able to work with Agnes on my conversational skills and to consolidate what I have learned. Actually, it is more than that – she helps with reading and listening skills too. She also recommends books to read and always open to exploring your interests. The subjects and themes she chooses for the sessions are incredibly entertaining and informative. I look forward to seeing Agnes again when I am in Paris to practice and improve my French. Merci beaucoup, Agnes!

Calvin L. from Singapore

” Agnes is a great teacher, adaptable and dedicated! Agnes has also an in-depth knowledge of Paris and French culture that she is more than happy to share and which makes all the difference with other teachers.”

Nadia C. from Italy

” Arriving in Paris at the start of a heatwave was not ideal, but it was great spending a few hours each morning with Agnes. It was only for 4 days, but our lessons were very useful. I’ve become much more confident speaking French and hope to continue to study the language when I get home. Her apartment is surrounded by great food shops and restaurants and Agnes is a fluent English speaker and patient teacher.”

Angela C. from Australia

“I recently attended some French language classes with Agnes. They were one to one and gave me such a wealth of vocabulary, information and confidence. The subject material was always interesting and even amusing at times. I would recommend this experience to anyone who is passionate about French and wants to learn everyday, good grammatically correct language “

Judith C. from the United Kingdom

“Thoroughly enjoyed my French conversation classes with Agnes. She always had lots of interesting topics prepared in advance to keep us going for the 2 hours. She is very patient and is a fluent English speaker also which helps when you do not understand something. Would certainly recommend her classes as I learned a lot there.”

Agnes C. from Ireland

“I spent 2.5 months in Paris as part of an exchange from school. In my time, I took one-on-one classes with Agnes. Agnes is an amazing teacher, in our 14 hours together, she went through the basics of grammar, practiced conversation with me, and helped build my vocabulary! I thoroughly enjoyed our classes together and would highly recommend her. In addition to our time in class together, Agnes recommended useful online resources and meet ups that ultimately helped me improve my level of understanding and comfort with speaking. I think time spent with Agnes was an amazing investment!!”

Zahra S. from Canada

Agnes is a wonderful and patient teacher. She speaks very good English as well, and helped me practice and further study French while in Paris. She was gentle and patient with my mistakes or things I didn’t know, and is very kind and pleasant to chat with as well. Her location is easy to find and in a great area. I highly recommend her if you’re looking to do some French in Paris!”

Megan G. from the United States

Learning French with Agnes is truly rewarding. She challenges you every time with texts that broaden your vocabulary and deepens your understanding of the French language and culture. Agnes is also funny and engaging, which is a plus when you are learning something difficult.”

Annass F. from Sweden

During a recent trip to Paris, I arranged to have french lessons every day in the morning with Agnes. Her lovely apartment in Oberkampf is located very close to a metro station which is fantastic, and I really enjoyed our time together. Agnes is patient, encouraging and kind and I would thoroughly recommend her for lessons. Over the week we covered useful topics and Agnes was happy to spend time on new areas that arose which I found challenging. I wouldn’t hesitate to visit her again for some more practise next time I’m in Paris. Merci beacoup Agnes!

Tori K. from the United Kingdom

“Agnes was an incredible French tutor. She created content that was tailored towards the business I work in and we reviewed many tenses that I had been struggling with. She helped me to break bad French speaking habits and form new better habits for learning. It was a wonderful experience and I will be continuing as I infiltrate myself in the workplace here in France. Merci Agnes”.

Allie R. from Florida, United States

Agnès is a wonderful tutor! She is easy to talk to and provides helpful suggestions for improving French. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to take their French to the next level.

Evan R. from Chicago, United States