French Lessons for Beginners

Beginner French courses in Paris

« I arrived in France with zero knowledge of the French language and within only 2 month, Agnes managed to give me a basic understanding of the language. The classes are clearly structured and tailored to the individual needs. Agnes made me always feel very welcome in her home and she is just fun to be around. I would highly recommend her and hope she can help you as well with learning the beautiful French language. Merci beaucoup Agnes 🙂 »

Marie Von V. from Germany

Who can take Beginner French classes ?

Beginner French classes are best suited for students who:

have never learned French before

would like to learn basics French greetings and get an introduction to the French language

know a few words but have forgotten and have difficulties making full sentences

Students from Beginner French courses particularly need special attention and care. By taking Beginner French lessons, you will discover the pleasure of starting to speak in French. The focus is placed on conversation so that you can not only understand but also begin to use basic French grammar and vocabulary.

beginner student in french

What are the goals of the Beginner French courses ?

Goals of the Beginner French Classes in Paris

- (re)discover the pleasure of communicating in French with truly useful vocabulary
- understand simple French we use in daily life and everyday situations
- reach the equivalent of A1 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

What do you learn during the Beginner French courses ?

Content of the Beginner French Classes in Paris

- Introducing yourself and others (name, age, nationality,..)
- Greeting people
- Asking the date and time
- Ordering meal and purchases
- Talking about yourself (job, city you live, languages you speak,..)
- Finding your way (how to approach people in a polite way)
- Giving details about your hobbies
- Understanding simple questions