French Lessons for Advanced Students

Why do you need French classes at an Advanced level ?

Advanced French classes are designed suited for students who :

– have already achieved a strong degree of fluency and accuracy in the language
– have a B2 level according to the the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

The most important thing to any great advanced French class is to have a stratified approach and to work with your Reading, Writing and Listening Comprehension. I will use specific activities to support your strengths but also tighten up weaknesses. I will be able to provide you with great additional resources that can be used with any French class and are awesome for independent practice.

happy students on their last day of class

What are the objectives of the Advanced French courses ?

Goals of the Advanced French Classes in Paris

- Refine your existing language skills by accessing social and cultural resources
- Understand a range of spoken and written documents in various styles : factual, journalistic and technical without difficulties
- Achieve the equivalent of the C1 or C2 level of the European Framework for Languages

Which topics are covered during the Advanced French courses ?

Content of the Advanced French Classes

- Talking about current affairs, art, culture, medias and social events
- Expressing opinions and using debating techniques
- Making oral presentations
- Use of indicative and subjunctive modes
- Advanced use of the past tenses
- Use of prepositions
- Idioms, expressions and proverbial expressions
- Direct and indirect speech

Agnès is a wonderful tutor! She is easy to talk to and provides helpful suggestions for improving French. I was already at an advanced level and I feel I made great progress. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to take their French to the next level.

Evan R. from Chicago, United States