French Lessons for Advanced Level

Advanced French courses in Paris, Cannes and online with Skype

Who can follow the Advanced French classes ?

Advanced French classes are best suited for students who :

– have already achieved a strong degree of fluency and accuracy in the language
– have a B2 level according to the the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

Advanced French classes

What are the objectives of the Advanced French courses ?

Goals of the Advanced French Classes in Paris and Cannes

- to refine your existing language skills
- to achieve the equivalent of the C1 or C2 level of the European Framework for Languages

What do you learn during the Advanced French courses ?

Content of the Advanced French Classes

- Talking about current affairs, art, culture, medias and social events
- Expressing opinions and Using debating techniques
- Making oral presentations
- Use of indicative and subjunctive modes
- Advanced use of the past tenses
- Use of prepositions
- Idioms, expressions and proverbial expressions
- Direct and indirect speech

« I had a wonderful experience with Agnes. She has taught French for many years abroad and she speaks clearly. She has an organized way of teaching and she has many exercises to structure the lessons. She corrected my speaking in a gentle way and encouraged me to speak French. She is able to adjust the sessions depending on the student’s needs. In addition, she has a very nice personality  »

Cagdas A. from Turkey